0.6/1kV XLPE Insulation Aerial Bundle Cable (2 cores)

Phase core:1 to 6 cores

Bear Neural:6 AWG to 500 MCM

insulation:PVC / XLPE / PE

Conductor:AAC / AAAC / ACSR

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To supply 120/220V aerial service for tem service at construction sites, as a service drop (power pole to service entrance) as a secondary cable (Pole to pole), or street lighting. For service at 1000V or lower at a maximum conductor temperature of 90℃


Conductor type: Phase conductor:aluminum
Neutral conductor:aluminum alloy or aluminum
Number of core:2cores


NFC 33-209 0.6/1kV rated voltage overhead power system with XLPE insulation aerial bundled conductor
BS 7870.5 polymeric insulated aerial bundled conductors (ABC) of rated Voltage 0.6/1kV overhead distribution
VDE 027-626 overhead distribution cables of rated voltage U0/U(Um): 0.6/1(1.2)kV


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