Project Scope

GPL project of Georgetown supplement electric power upgrade

Required Product

Bare Aluminium wire AAC Duplex Conductor Aluminium 4 AWG

Requirement & Solution

The GPL’s mission is: To provide an expanding customer base with electricity services which are technically, financially and environmentally sustainable,achieving best practice and acceptable international norms,delivered by our people performing in accordance with Company values to the highest ideals of work excellence and integrity.

Yifang supplied:

Bare Aluminum wire AAC, 336.4 MCM,19 Strands, Code Tulip, Bare Aluminium wire AAC, 1/0 AWG, 7 Strands, Code Poppy,Duplex Conductor Aluminium 4 AWG, phase AAC 4 AWG, 7 Strands, neutral AAAC 4 AWG, 7 Strands ,Code Whippet,to help GPL to achieve a better upgrade of the city's electrical system in Georgetown