yifang cable Sample Production and Cable Testing

Sample Production and Cable Testing

Sample Production and Cable Testing

There are times you want to check if the products can meet your requirements or be suitable for the environment before placing an order. Or you need a test report to guarantee the products meet the industry standard.

We can send free sample for you to test. Also free test report. Whats more, There are an after-sales service commitment signed by us.

Supply Free Sample

Whether it is stock products or customized products, if you need samples, please kindly contact us. Our sales manager will arrange it as soon as possible.
If you want to send sample to us for test, it is also available. We will make sample for you according to the sample that you sent.

Highest Standard Testing Lab

We have built one highest standard testing lab for fire-resistant & flame retardant testing in China. There are dc resistance tester, high voltage testing equipment, high-insulation resistance tester, electronic tension tester, extensometer, projector for thickness tester, scale, aging test chamber, winding test machine and so on.

Supply Test Report

All our products will be tested after finishing production. If you need an report, please kindly let us know. We can also supply third-party certification.


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