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Our company mainly produces all kinds of medium-voltage, low-voltage, high-voltage cable and wire products, the products are divided into bare wire, low-voltage wire, medium-voltage wire, ABC wire, cloth wire, control cable, rubber sheathed cable. The product line is rich and meets the standards of many countries and regions in the world. The products support OEM/ODM customization, with high pressure resistance and strong durability.

About US

Yifang Electric Group Inc. a large joint-stock, hi-tech enterprise established in 2001. We are specialized in wires & cables, including design, production and sales. With complete advanced cable producing equipments over 100 sets, complete testing equipments, a national level fire-resistant & flame retardant cable laboratory. Our technology has reached advanced levels at home and abroad.

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  • State Grid Corporation

    The quality of the raw materials of cables manufactured by Yifang Electric is stable and reliable, and they have always provided products with the required quality in accordance with the requirements of our company. We are very satisfied with their services.


    One party's electrical supply is timely, strictly implements the delivery period stipulated in the contract, and actively cooperates to solve problems in case of special circumstances.


    Yifang Electric has a good transaction process, much better than other suppliers, and can reach long-term cooperation.

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Our customers bring us new projects and new challenges. This drives us to expand our services and add new products to our portfolio. Stay up to date with our latest news and follow us on social.
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