The ABC-NFC 33-209 product is a low-voltage insulated cable, that is, the low-voltage insulated cable Aerial Bundle Cable (ABC) for overhead power transmission and distribution. It is mainly suitable for overhead power distribution lines with a rated voltage of 1kV and below.

This product uses multi-strand aluminum conductors, and a layer of special material is covered outside the insulating layer on the surface of the conductors. The multi-core cables are bundled into a bundle through a special process to form a parallel arrangement structure. Among them, the conductors and shielding materials are neatly arranged according to certain requirements to ensure the performance and reliability of the cable.

ABC-NFC 33-209 products have higher safety and reliability and less loss, especially suitable for different types of overhead lines in rural areas, urban areas and cities, including power supply lines and lighting lines.


  1. Good insulation performance
  2. Good anti-corrosion performance
  3. Anti-external damage
  4. The strength meets the requirements.

Compared with ordinary overhead bare wires, it solves some difficulties encountered in the operation of conventional bare wires. Much cheaper than buried cables


ABC-NFC 33-209 is a low-voltage overhead cable standard, suitable for power distribution lines in overhead power transmission, public lighting systems, etc.

It is generally used for urban and rural power grid reconstruction, road lighting and other lines. It is suitable for places with a lot of thunder and lightning, dense trees and high smoke density.


The wire core has a circular cross-section. Conductor cores, except for neutral support conductors, phase conductors shall be 1350 aluminum stranded conductors, the purity of which shall at least comply with the 1350 specifications of the NF C31-122 standard.
The insulation consists of extruded XLPE.
Multi-core cables (multiple-conductors) should be cabled, and the cabled direction and pitch ratio should meet the standard requirements.


Number of cores  X Cross-sectionPhase core
Nominal thickness of Insulation
Phase core
Min.Outer diameter of core
Neutral core
Nominal thickness of Insulation
Neutral core
Min.Outer diameter of core
Lighting core
Nominal thickness of Insulation
Lighting core
Min.Outer diameter of core
diameter of cable
Approx Weight.Breaking load
(Neutral core)
Max. DC Resistance at 200C
(Phase core)
Current Rating In air at 300C
(Phase core)
Nos X mm2mmmmmmmmmmmmmmkg/kmknOhm/kmA
3 X25+ 112
3 X35+54.61.6101.612.3--3378016.60.868138
3 X50+54.61.611.11.612.3--3699016.60.641168
3 X70+54.61.813.31.612.3--37.5114016.60.443213
3 X70+701.813.31.512.9--41117020.50.443213
3 X96+701.814.61.512.9--44137820.50.320 258
3 X120+701.815.61.512.9--46167227.50.253300
3 X120+951.815.61.615.3--47177020.50.253300
3 X150+701.717.31.612.9--48182027.50.206344
3 X150+951.717.31.615.3--49196127.50.206344
3 X25+54.6+1 X161.48.61.612.31.27.0 3058116.61.20 112
3 X35+54.6+1 X181.6101.612.31.27.0 3378016.60.868138
3 X50+54.6+1 X181.611.11.612.31.27.0 3699016.60.641168
3 X70+54.6+1 X181.813.31.612.31.27.0 37.5114016.60.443213
3 X70+54.6+1 X251.813.31.612.31.48.640118020.50.443213
3 X70+70+1 X161.813.31.512.91.27.0 41117020.50.443213
3 X95+70+1 X161.814.61.512.91.27.0 44137820.50.320 258
3 X120+70+1 X161.815.61.512.91.27.0 46167220.50.253300
3 X120+95+1 X161.815.61.615.31.27.0 47177027.50.253300
3 X150+70+1 X161.717.31.512.91.27.0 48182020.50.286344
3 X150+85+1 X161.717.31.615.31.27.0 49196127.50.286344
3 X25+54.6+2 X161.48.61.612.31.27.0 3058116.61.20 112
3 X35+54.6+2 X161.6101.612.31.27.0 3378016.60.868138
3 X50+54.6+2 X161.611.11.612.31.27.0 3699016.60.641168
3 X70+54.6+2 X161.813.31.612.31.27.0 37.5114016.60.443213
3 X70+54.6+2 X251.813.31.612.31.48.640118016.60.443213
3 X70+70+2 X161.813.31.512.91.27.0 41117020.50.443213
3 X95+70+2 X161.814.61.512.91.27.0 44137820.50.320 258
3 X120+70+2 X161.815.61.512.91.27.0 46167220.50.253300
3 X120+95+2 X161.815.61.615.31.27.0 47177027.50.253300
3 X150+70+2 X161.717.31.512.91.27.0 48182020.50.206344
3 X150+95+2 X161.717.31.615.31.27.0 49196127.50.206344