Quality Accreditations


CCC certification (China Compulsory Certification) is called "China Compulsory Certification". It is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government in accordance with laws and regulations in order to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management. From May 1, 2002, the State Certification and Accreditation Administration began to accept a batch of certification applications for products listed in the mandatory product catalogue.


CE certification provides a unified technical specification for the trade of products from various countries in the European market and simplifies the trade procedure. To enter the European Union and the European Free Trade Area, the products of any country must be CE certified, and the CE mark should be affixed to the product. Therefore, CE certification is a passport for products to enter the European Union and European Free Trade Zone countries. CE certification means that the product has met the safety requirements specified in the EU directive; it is a commitment of the enterprise to consumers, which increases consumers' trust in the product.


CQC certification refers to the method of applying the CQC mark to indicate that the product meets the relevant quality, safety, performance, electromagnetic compatibility and other certification requirements. Our company has passed the CQC occupational health and safety management system certification, CQC environmental certification and CQC quality management system certification in the CQC field.


Based on the relevant agreements signed by IQNet member institutions and the mutual recognition of the capabilities of IQNet member institutions by the IQNet peer review system, IQNet is committed to promoting and supporting the recognition of certificates issued by each member institution within all members.
As a full member institution of IQNet, CQC maintains close contact with each member partner. ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and other certification certificates issued by CQC can all obtain IQNet certificates at the same time.


Coal mine mark certification is a compulsory certification implemented by the National Coal Mine Safety Mark Office for coal mine underground supplies. All products in the mine product safety certification catalogue must obtain a certification certificate. Our company has obtained the mark certification of coal mine safety for 28 different types of products.


UL is the acronym for Underwriter LaboratoriesInc. The UL Safety Laboratory is the most authoritative in the United States and the largest private institution engaged in safety testing and identification in the world. It is an independent, not-for-profit, professional organization that conducts experiments for public safety.


The main function of ISO is to provide a mechanism for people to agree on international standards. Its main organization and operating rules are specified in a document called ISO/IEC Technical Work Guidelines. Our company has passed ISO14001/ISO45001/ISO9001 certification of product and quality management.

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