Our Approach

We are specialized in wires & cables, including design, production and sales.

Yifang Electric Group Inc. a large joint-stock, hi-tech enterprise established in 2001. We are specialized in wires & cables, including design, production and sales. Located in Zhengzhou, China.

There are more than 200 staffs in our factory including over 30 technical personnel, 5 senior engineers. With complete advanced cable producing equipments over 100 sets, complete testing equipments, a national level fire-resistant & flame retardant cable laboratory. Our technology has reached advanced levels at home and abroad.


Since 2001

  1. 2001

    Zhengzhou Yifang Electric Co., LTD was established.

  2. 2002

    The company has obtained 7 production licenses.

  3. 2005

    Buy land and build new factories.

  4. 2007

    Yifang Electric Company was rated as the standing director unit of Henan Wire and Cable Industry Association.

  5. 2008

    Establishing foreign trade subsidiaries;
    Successfully explore the international market;
    At the same time obtained 6 products coal safety certification;
    Products exempted from inspection in Henan Province;

  6. 2010

    Yifang Electric Company obtains the Chinese wire and cable industry customer satisfaction enterprise

  7. 2014

    "Yifang brand" steel core aluminum strand won the title of famous brand products in Henan Province

  8. 2015

    The company name is changed to "Yifang Electric Co., LTD."
    Explore and launch "Internet Plus".

  9. 2016

    Henan Province awarded the credit grade AAA certificate

  10. 2017

    Won the first prize of "Enterprise Integrity in Henan Province".
    Henan Province wire and cable enterprises comprehensive ranking 20

  11. 2018

    China quality certification Wuhan branch will be our division I identified as the wire and cable class A enterprises.

  12. 2021

    Top 200 of China's wire and cable enterprises comprehensive strength;
    Henan Electric Wire and Cable Industry Association "Rated voltage 450V/750V and below lifting flat cable", "plastic insulation intrinsically safe control cable" and other four group standard setting units;
    Henan Province "AAA grade contract and credit enterprise" and "AAA grade credit enterprise".


Development Goals

Customer First
Considerate Service
Quality First
Innovation Driven

We would like to join hands with elites from all sectors of society in the road of common development.

Technical Support

We focus on the R&D and manufacturing of wires and cables, and provide complete design solutions according to the actual projects of customers. From design, production and delivery, we have a professional team responsible for, high-quality products, strict inspection, high-quality service, high cost-effective price, has always been our philosophy.


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