0.6/1KV overhead insulated cables are overhead wires with insulation. The wire appearance is generally black. AAC, AAAC, and ACSR stranded wires are used as the conductive core for the conductor.

The insulating material is weather-resistant XLPE at 90°C or PE at 75°C. Materials with carbon black content greater than 2.0 do not need to be tested for sunlight resistance.


  1. Good insulation performance
  2. Good anti-corrosion performance
  3. Anti-external damage
  4. The strength meets the requirements.

It can solve the problem of ordinary overhead bare wires in operation, and the price will be cheaper than buried cables.


In urban and rural power grids, road lighting and other lines, it is often used. Lightning-prone areas, places with dense forests and high smoke concentrations will also see it being used


The wire core has a circular cross-section. With the exception of the neutral and load conductors, pure aluminum stranded wires of a purity of at least
Standard ASTM B230 1350 aluminum requirements. The carrying stranded wire is made of ACSR wire, which can be covered with insulation or exposed; the neutral wire is made of XLPE insulated pure aluminum or aluminum alloy stranded wire.
The insulation consists of extruded XLPE.
Multi-core cables should be cabled, and the cabled direction and pitch ratio should meet the standard requirements.


Code WordPhase Conducor Size RWGPhane Condudor StrandingPhase Conductor insulation ThicknessBare Neutral Messenger Size AWGBare
Messenger Sranding
Bare Neutral Mesenger Brnaking StrengthWeight Per 1000ft-XLPWeight Per 1000ft PolyAmpacity XLPAmpacity Poly
Haiotis6Solid45 mls67563 Lbs1025Lbs98.8 Lbs85Amps70 Amps
Pateba67/w45 mls67503 Lbs109.1 Lbs101.6 Lbs85Anps70 Amps
Fusus4Soild45 mls47881 Lbs151.9 Lbs147.6Lbs115Amps90Amps
Oyster47/w45 mls47881 Lbs161.8 Lbs151.7 Lbs115Amps90Amps
Clam27/w45 mls271350 Lbs243.2Lbs229.2Lbs150 Amps120Amps
Murex107/w60 mls1/071990 Lbs395.1 Lbs369.4 Lbs205 Amp160Amps
Purpura1019/w60 mls1/071990 Lbs386.1 Lbs369.4 Lbs205 Amps160Amps
Nassa207/w60 mls2/072510 Lbs485.8 Lbs455.3 bs235 Amps185 Amps
Melila3019/w60 mls3/0193310 Lbs585.2 Lbs562.9 Lbs275 Anps215Amps
Portunus47019/w60 mls4/0194020 Lbs723.9 Lbs697.3 Lbs315 Amps245Amps
Nannynos336.419/w80 mls336.4196146 Lbs1160.4 Lbs1180.0 Lbs420 Amps325 Amps
Triplex Service Drop Aluminum Condudors AAC Neutral-Messenger