AAC-ASTM B 231 standard is an international standard that regulates All Aluminum Conductor (AAC for short). All-aluminum conductor is a bare wire made of pure aluminum or electrolytically refined aluminum, mainly used in power transmission and distribution lines, and other occasions that require high electrical conductivity and low mechanical strength.

AAC-ASTM B 231 standard:

  •  Conductor cross-sectional area: from 6mm2 to 1500mm2.
  • Conductor diameter: from 2.67 mm to 46.35 mm.
  •  Conductor length: customized according to customer requirements.
  •  Conductor material: pure aluminum or electrolytically refined aluminum (according to ASTM B230 standard).
  • Conductor structure: Concentric circular twisting of single or multiple hard drawn wires. The stranding direction can be left-handed (Z) or right-handed (S).