BS 215 standard is issued by British Standards Institution (BSI), which is the national standards body of the United Kingdom. BS 215 standard covers two parts: Part 1 for aluminium stranded conductors and Part 2 for aluminium conductors steel-reinforced (ACSR).

AAC-BS 215 Standard:

  • According to BS 215 Part 1:1970, an AAC conductor shall consist of one or more circular wires of aluminium having a purity of not less than 99.5%. The wires shall be concentrically stranded with a left-hand lay direction.
  • The nominal cross-sectional area of an AAC conductor shall be calculated by multiplying the number of wires by the nominal cross-sectional area of each wire. The actual cross-sectional area shall not differ from the nominal value by more than ±1%.
  • The diameter of each wire shall be measured at any point along its length with an accuracy of ±0.5%. The diameter over any strand shall not differ from that over any other strand by more than ±1%.
  • The resistance of an AAC conductor at a temperature of 20°C shall not exceed the values given in Table A below. The resistance values are based on a resistivity of aluminium at 20°C equal to 0.028264 ohm mm2/m.