Bare copper, solid or concentrically stranded. Copper is available in three kinds: hard, medium hard and soft.

We also produce the this conductor according to standards BS7884, ASTM B8, NF C34-110, IEC 61089, DIN 48201-1 and so on.


1.Uniform and firm hot-dip zinc coating.
2.Bright and clean surface.
3.Excellent corrosion resistance.


Solid stranded bare copper for overhead transmission and distribution applications. The more elastic stranded conductors are suitable for uninsulated connections, jumpers and grounding in electrical construction.


Bare copper, solid or stranded. Available in tempers hard, medium-hard, or soft. The multi-strand conductors are stranded concentrically in the hard and medium hard states, and in the soft tensioned state are combined single-strand stranded.