Today, with the development of mechatronics, intelligent manufacturing and automation control technology, the demand for high-performance cables in various industries is becoming more and more urgent. As a high-functional cable, PUR cable is widely used in the fields of industrial automation, mechanical engineering and automobile manufacturing because of its good physical and electrical properties.

PUR cable

What is PUR cable?

PUR cable first refers to a high-performance cable made of polyurethane (Polyurethane). Polyurethane is a very excellent material with advantages of abrasion resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, long life and high flexibility, which are just right for many special applications.

Features of PUR cables

  1. Strong wear resistance: PUR cable has extremely high wear resistance, and its outer sheath will not be worn or peeled off even under frequent bending or extrusion. This wear resistance results in a longer service life and less maintenance costs.
  2. Good oil resistance: PUR cables are widely used in robotics, automation equipment and other fields, which involve a lot of oil lubricants. The PUR cable itself has excellent oil resistance and can maintain good electrical and mechanical properties.
  3. Strong chemical corrosion resistance: The polyurethane material used in PUR cables has good chemical stability and can resist the erosion of many common chemical substances. The life of the cable can reach several times that of other traditional cables.
  4. Good heat resistance: PUR cable can work in a high temperature environment, and its maximum temperature resistance can reach 80°C, which makes it play a great role in some high temperature working scenarios.
  5. Good cold resistance: PUR cable has excellent cold resistance and can work normally in a low temperature environment of -40°C, which makes it widely used in the application fields of extremely cold regions.
  6. Good elasticity: The outer sheath of the PUR cable is made of special polyurethane material, which has extremely high elasticity and toughness, and will not break or crack even under bending or torsion.
PUR cable

Application fields of PUR cables

  1. Robotics: PUR cables are an indispensable part of robotics. Due to their characteristics of wear resistance, oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance, they can provide stable data transmission and power supply in different robot application scenarios. , to provide protection for the movement and operation of the robot.
  2. Automation equipment: automation equipment is an important part of modern industrial production, and PUR cables rely on their good performance and characteristics to provide continuous and stable power and signal connections for automation equipment, enabling equipment to run stably for a long time and improving Productivity and cost-effectiveness.
  3. Instrumentation: PUR cables are widely used in the field of instrumentation due to their good chemical resistance, oil resistance and friction resistance. For example, in measuring equipment, PUR cables usually need to withstand high-frequency swings and bending, and the flexibility and stress resistance of PUR cables can ensure the stability and accuracy of data transmission.
  4. Video equipment: PUR cables are used in various video equipment such as digital cameras, network cameras, and monitoring systems, mainly because PUR cables have good elasticity, anti-interference, and high-quality transmission signals. These features enable PUR cables to transmit clear and stable image signals to monitors or recording devices, providing users with clearer and more accurate images.

Classification of PUR cables

PUR cables can be divided into many types according to their usage and performance requirements. According to different application fields, it can be divided into: power cable, communication cable, control cable, sensor cable, encoder cable, robot cable, etc.; according to different structural forms, it can be divided into: single cable, contact cable, multi-core cable, fireproof cables etc.

PUR cable

How to choose PUR cable?

When choosing a PUR cable, it is necessary to judge according to the actual application scenario:

  1. First of all, consider the environment: if the environment is harsh, such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, corrosion, etc., then PUR cable is a good choice.
  2. Second, consider the service life requirements and budget: PUR cables have a long service life, so they are very suitable for some equipment and systems that need to be used for a long time, but compared with other materials, the cost of PUR cables will be higher.
  3. Finally, the characteristics of the transmission signal should be considered: if the signal to be transmitted includes high-speed, high-frequency and high-resolution data, the PUR cable may not meet such requirements. Therefore, when choosing a PUR cable, it is necessary to consider comprehensively according to the actual application scenarios and requirements.

In the future development of PUR cables, there will be the following trends:

Customized service: With the continuous increase of customers' personalized demand for cable products, PUR cable companies will strengthen communication with customers and provide more customized solutions to meet customers' special needs.
Automated production: In the process of PUR cable production, with the development of automation technology and robot technology, PUR cable enterprises will gradually realize automatic production, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.
Environmental protection and sustainable development: PUR cable companies will focus on environmental protection and sustainable development, adopt environmentally friendly materials and processes, reduce environmental pollution, and strengthen product recycling and reuse.


As a high-performance and multi-functional cable product, PUR cable has been widely used in various fields with its characteristics and advantages, and will continue to exert its advantages and characteristics in the future to meet the growing market demand. Through the understanding of PUR cables, we can better understand its application in the fields of industrial automation, robotics, instrumentation and video equipment, so as to make more informed decisions for our work and life.