ICEA S-94-649 is a standard document specifying 5kV~46kV concentric neutral cables. Among them, the ICEA S-94-649 standard is applicable to the manufacture and testing of materials such as cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), resin flame-retardant cross-linked polyethylene, and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR). These concentric neutral cables are mainly used in medium or high voltage power systems for power transmission. This standard stipulates in detail the key parts of the cable conductor, insulation layer, concentric neutral cable structure, etc., and carries out requirements and tests on the physical and mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and electrical properties of materials.


ICEA S 94-649 cables have the following product characteristics

1.It can be used in the range of 5 kV to 46 kV

2.Using materials such as cross-linked polyethylene, flame-retardant cross-linked polyethylene and ethylene, it has good physical properties and durability

3.Concentric neutral design can improve the electrical performance of the cable and can reduce the impact on the environment

4.After rigorous testing, it is ensured that the product meets the requirements of the standard and has stable and reliable performance


Concentric neutral cables specified in the ICEA S 94-649 standard are suitable for power transmission in medium-voltage or high-voltage power systems. Common application scenarios include:

1.Power system transmission and distribution

Concentric neutral cables can withstand higher voltages to meet the city's power supply needs through power transmission and distribution.

2.Industrial field

Concentric neutral cables are widely used in the industrial field for connecting high-voltage equipment and transmitting high-power electric energy.

3.Construction field

The concentric neutral cable can be used as the backbone of the internal wires of the building to provide stable power supply.

4.Transportation field

Concentric neutral cables can be used as power transmission lines for electric vehicle charging piles to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles.


The ICEA S 94-649 standard covers concentric neutral cables rated between 5 kV and 46 kV. The structure of the cable mainly includes conductors, insulating layers, concentric neutral layers, sheaths and other parts. Specifically, its product structure can be described as follows:


It usually mades of copper or aluminum, single-core or multi-core conductors can be used according to the requirements of the rated voltage and current load of the cable.

2.Insulation layer

cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or flame-retardant cross-linked polyethylene material, with good high temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, oxidation resistance and other characteristics.

3.Concentric Neutral Layer

Consisting of concentric copper or aluminum conductors, it usually serves as the neutral point of the cable and is used to improve the electrical performance of the cable.


It usually mades of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride or special thermoplastic materials, used to protect the cable from chemical and physical environment damage.