The ICEA S 94-649 standard specifies the requirements for concentric neutral cables rated 5 through 46 kV. These cables are used for transmitting and distributing electrical energy in power systems. The standard covers the materials, constructions, and testing of crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE), tree retardant crosslinked polyethylene (TRXLPE), ethylene alkene copolymer (EAC) and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) insulated single conductor or multiplexed concentric neutral cables.

The ICEA S 94-649 standard specifies different classes of cables based on their voltage rating, conductor size, insulation thickness and neutral wire size. The standard also provides methods for testing the physical, electrical and mechanical properties of the cables such as tensile strength, elongation, insulation resistance, dielectric constant, impulse withstand voltage, short circuit current rating and bending radius.

The ICEA S 94-649 standard is intended to ensure that concentric neutral cables meet the performance and safety requirements for power transmission and distribution applications. The standard also facilitates interoperability and compatibility among different manufacturers and users of these cables.