The Almelec-NFC 34-125 standard is a French national standard specifying the requirements for aluminum alloy conductors (AAAC) and aluminum alloy conductors with steel cores (ACSR) for overhead lines. This standard applies to the field of power transmission and distribution.
The Almelec-NFC 34-125 standard divides these two conductors into different models according to different parameters such as cross-sectional area, diameter, mass, and resistance, such as Aster, Azalée, Bouvardia, etc. Each model has a corresponding code and color identification, which is convenient for users to choose and install.
The Almelec-NFC 34-125 standard is an advanced standard that complies with international standards (such as GB1179, IEC61089, BS3242, DIN48201, ASTM B399, NF EN 50 182, etc.), providing an efficient, safe and economical solution for overhead lines plan.