The AAAC-GB/T 1179 standard is a national standard that specifies the technical requirements and test methods for all aluminum alloy conductors (AAAC).
The AAAC-GB/T 1179 standard was released in 2008, replacing the original GB/T 1179-1999 standard and consistent with the international standard IEC 61089.
AAAC-GB/T 1179 standard:
1. Standard scope: This standard applies to all-aluminum alloy conductors for overhead transmission lines with a rated temperature not exceeding 90°C.
2. Referenced standards: This standard refers to the following international or national standards, such as ISO, IEC, ASTM, etc.
3. Definitions and terms: This standard defines some basic concepts and technical terms related to all-aluminum alloy wires, such as cross-sectional area, diameter, tensile strength, elongation, etc.
4. Structure and size: This standard specifies the structure type, core number, core diameter ratio, single wire diameter range, total cross-sectional area range, etc. of all-aluminum alloy wires, and gives corresponding calculation formulas and tables.
5. Materials: This standard specifies the chemical composition requirements and mechanical performance requirements of materials used for all-aluminum alloy wires, as well as the sampling methods and test methods for material samples.
6. Performance: This standard stipulates the performance indicators that all aluminum alloy wires should have under normal use conditions, such as DC resistance, AC resistivity, short-circuit temperature rise limit, etc.