The Education City Stadium is home to the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development throughout the region, and the surrounding landscape is dotted with leading universities. The stadium's most immediate contribution to international development will be after it hosts games to the quarter-final stage, the capacity of the Education City Stadium will be halved, and 20,000 seats will be donated to the construction of stadiums in developing countries to help Foster a passion for the game around the world.

Education City Stadium

The reduced capacity will also add to the intimate, inclusive feel created by the venue's ultra-modern curves that wrap around fans and keep the atmosphere firmly within the venue. The façade features triangles in intricate, diamond-like geometric patterns that appear to change colour as the sun moves across the sky. At night, a colorful light show on the outer wall makes it even more eye-catching. Like diamonds, stadium design stands for quality, durability and resilience.

The location of the stadium in the Education City has been carefully selected, and the design of the stadium has taken into account the accessibility for disabled fans. Stadiums will be a focal point for the community long after the 2022™ World Cup is over. Training fields and other sports and non-sports facilities radiate outward from the stadium, all within easy reach of the local academic community. Education City students, faculty and staff also have access to these facilities.

Education City Stadium

World-class facilities on the doorstep of Doha, fans can easily reach the stadium by road or subway, and it is only 7 kilometers from the bustling city center of Doha. As with all Qatar 2022 World Cup stadiums, advanced cooling technology ensures a comfortable temperature for players and fans year-round.

Due to the large area of ​​the venue, in order to ensure the safe operation of cooling technology and electrical equipment, the cables and wires required by the venue are all fireproof insulated cables that meet the standards. Fire-proof insulated cables usually have strong temperature resistance. Taking flexible inorganic mineral insulated wires with rated voltage of 0.6/1kv and below as an example, the cables can work for a long time at an ambient high temperature of 125°C, and are not easy to burn in case of fire, preventing fire hazards. further expand. At the same time, the fire-resistant insulated cable also has high flame retardancy. The long-life, high-flame-retardant and environmentally friendly wires represented by this can meet the needs of buildings with high fire protection requirements. , but also to prevent the spread of fire and prevent the expansion of disasters.

When a fire occurs, smoke often becomes an obstacle for people to evacuate and escape. In order to reduce the generation of smoke during combustion, the fireproof insulated cable of Yifang Electric has passed the IEC1034 smoke emission test, and the transmittance of the test has reached more than 80%. When a fire occurs, a very small amount of smoke is generated, which is conducive to the evacuation of personnel and the subsequent rescue work. The products produced by Yifang Cable are produced in strict accordance with national standards, ISO9000 and related international standards to ensure product quality. At the same time, Yifang Electric has also established a special testing laboratory to conduct quality testing on the products that leave the factory. Only when they meet the qualified quality standards can they be approved for sale, so as to ensure the safety of electricity use in large buildings, households and other places.