Galvanized Stay Wire with BS 183

  • Aluminum 1350-H19 wiresASTM B 231 Standard

    Aluminum Overhead Conductor

    Concentrically Stranded

    1/0AWG AAC Poppy 7/3.12mm

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Brief Description

Galvanized iron wire, also known as galvanized steel wire, is most used in binding of construction materials or weaving wire mesh products. According to the difference of zinc coating process can be divided into: electro galvanized steel wire and hot-dipped galvanized steel wire.


Used for the cord of ACSR or staying the Poles.

Manufactured standards

ASTM A475, BS 183, Chinese Standard GB 1200

Conductor type

Max. Stranded number 37Nos

Hot-dip galvanized steel wire, concentrically stranded.

We can produce according to your need and provide technical data.

Property of Single Wire

Diameter Tensile Strength Weight of Zinc
mm mPa g/m2
1.24~2.25 1340~1620 185~215
2.25~3.00 1310~1590 230
3.00~3.50 1290~1550 245
3.50~4.25 1290~1520 260
4.25~4.75 1290~1520 275
4.75~5.50 1290~1520 290



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