Stay Wires are galvanized steel wire strands that are mainly used for sustaining mechanical load in the electricity industry. Generally they are made up of 3 to 7 strands together. The wires are cold drawn from steel and coated with zinc, finished strands and individual wires are of uniform quality and have the properties specified in BS183.

We also produce the galvanized stay wire according to standards: ASTM A 475, ASTM A 363, IEC 61089, DIN 48201 and so on.


1.Uniform and firm hot-dip zinc coating.

2.Bright and clean surface.

3.Excellent corrosion resistance.


Stay wire sustains mechanical load in the electricity industry to stay power poles and tower structures. Also used as messenger in the aerial transmission cables, overhead ground or static wire to avoid the lightning strike, guy wire to add stability to a free-standing structure.


Concentrically stranded; Breaking load grades: 350, 480, 700, 850, 1000, 1150, 1300.