The 0.6/1 kV thermosetting insulated power cables of BS 7889 are suitable for fixed laying in industrial areas, buildings and similar applications with a rated AC voltage of 0.6/1 kV and below;

The conductor of the cable is a stranded copper conductor, the insulation is a thermosetting insulation, and a PVC sheath. The number of cores can be 1 core, 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores.

Cables of this standard have no armor.

The long-term allowable operating temperature of the cable conductor is 90°C; when it is short-circuited, it does not exceed 250°C (the maximum short-circuit time is 5s).

This cable is not suitable for burial.


Thermosetting insulated cables have the advantages of good heat aging resistance, simple structure, convenient use, and high long-term working temperature (90°C).


This cable is suitable for fixed laying in areas that are not easily damaged, in bridges, in air, in pipelines, etc.


  1. Conductor
    Stranded Copper Conductor
  2. Insulation
    Insulation is extruded XLPE (Type GP8).
  3. Outer sheath
    PVC (Type 9) composition