The cable is used as power distribution and transmission line at rated voltage up to 1 KV,
which can be fixed installed. For laying in doors, in ducts and direct in ground, able to bear
pulling force and pressure.


Conductor: copper or aluminum

Insulation: PVC

Cores: single core , 2 Core, 3 Core, 4 Core, 5Core, 3+2 Core, 3+1 Core, 2+1Core

Amour: Al tape or al wire for single core , steel tape or steel wire for others
Sheath: PVC or PE

 Size: Up to 800mm2 for single core, up to 500mm2 for 3 cores, up to 300mm2 for others


The long-time working temperature of cable should not be higher than 70℃

When core is in short-circuit (max 5s) the temperature should not exceed 160℃.

While installation the ambient temperature should not be lower than 0℃.

Others: We can design and produce cables & wires as per customer’s special Requirements


IEC 60502, BS, DIN , or others as per customer’s country Standard