With the development of social economy and technology, it has brought great changes to our lives, especially the use of electricity, which is more convenient for our lives. We can cook porridge in a short time and use electrical appliances,Watch movies. However, the emergence of electricity, while bringing us convenience, will also cause us trouble and easily cause fires. Therefore, wires and cables have become very important. However, when people choose wires and cables, they are easily confused by the variety of wires and cables on the market, and do not know what to choose? Not to mention, be careful to distinguish between power cables and control cables. So, you know, what's the connection between the two? Are there any differences? Below, I will briefly talk about the difference between power cables and control cables.

The difference between power cable and control cable:

1. Power cables are used to transmit and distribute large-scale electrical energy in the main line of the power system, and the control cables directly transmit the electrical energy from the distribution points of the power system to the power connection lines of various electrical equipment and appliances;

2. The rated voltage of the power cable is generally 0.6/1kV and above, and the rated voltage of the control cable is generally 450/750V and below.

3. During the production of power cables and control cables of the same specification, the insulation and sheath thickness of the power cables are thicker than those of the control cables;

The specific differences between power cables and control cables are as follows:

1.First of all, power cables belong to the second category of power cables, and control cables belong to the third category of electrical equipment cables;

2. The standard for power cables is GB/T 12706, and the standard for control cables is GB/T 9330;

3. The color of the insulating core of the low voltage of the power cable is generally color-separated, and the control cable is generally black or white;

4. The power cable is mainly used to transmit electricity, and it is generally a large cross-section, and the cross-section of the control cable is generally not more than 10 square mm;

5. Due to the reasons mentioned above, the specifications of power cables can generally be larger, up to 500 square mm (the range that can be produced by conventional manufacturers). The section is generally small, and the maximum generally does not exceed 10 square mm;

6. In terms of the number of cable cores,  The number of power cable cores is usually 5 cores, while the control cable is used to transmit control signals, and the number of cores is more.

7. Network transmission medium - Among the three types of cables in network hardware, there is another type of network transmission medium that cannot be ignored, which we usually call network cables. At present, the more common network cables are divided into thin coaxial cables, thick coaxial cables, twisted pairs and optical fiber cables;

Note:The concept of coaxial cable:

1. Coaxial cable is a kind of transmission medium that many friends are familiar with. It is a cable with a central copper conductor wrapped by layers of insulated wires. Its biggest feature is good anti-interference ability, stable data transmission, and price. It is also cheap, so it was once widely used, such as CCTV lines;

2. However, coaxial cables were used more in the past, mainly because the cost of the bus structure network composed of coaxial cables is low, but the damage of a single cable may cause the entire network to be paralyzed and difficult to maintain, which is its biggest drawback;

3. Coaxial cables in Ethernet applications are mainly divided into thick coaxial cables (10Base5) and thin coaxial cables (10Base2);

4. Thick coaxial cables are not used much anymore, and there are still some markets for thin coaxial cables;

5. The general market price of thin coaxial cable is a few yuan per meter, which is not too expensive;

6. The coaxial cable is used to connect with the BNC head. The coaxial cables sold on the market are generally finished products that have been connected to the BNC head, and you can use them directly.

Well, the above is the difference between power cables and control cables. I hope you can know more so that you can use the wires and cables in the right place.