When decorating every family, the most important thing is to lay out household wires, so what should be paid attention to when laying out household wires in various positions of the home decoration? Below I will introduce the layout and precautions of household wires in household appliances.

1. Separation line for microwave oven and refrigerator

The input power of refrigerators and microwave ovens is relatively large, requiring their power cord to be used separately. A separate line should be reserved before renovation. At the same time, the pipeline should keep a certain distance from the gas stove to avoid contact between the pipeline and the heat source.

2. Audio and Video Power Cables

Whether or not you need a set of speakers, it's a good idea to do the wiring before laying the floor. AV, video, and speaker cables need to be considered ahead of time for their respective locations. Once you forget the wiring, if you buy a speaker in the future, the various wires connected can only go on the ground, which will significantly affect the appearance.

3. The washing machine has reserved drainage and water inlet channels

If the developer has not laid drainage channels, holes must be drilled in advance during renovation. At the same time, the power supply of the socket should be installed in a dry place. If the washing machine is to be placed in the bathroom, the power supply of the washing machine should be more than 1.2 meters from the ground. The location of the power supply should be determined before decoration.

4. Drill holes for the air conditioner before painting

Before painting the wall, the brand and model of the air conditioner should be determined. The air conditioner installer should drill holes for the air conditioner and install the hook of the indoor unit so as not to affect the decoration effect. The location of the socket should also be determined in advance. It is best to use an independent socket for the air conditioner and use it separately from other electrical appliances. Its input power is about 700 watts, 1500 watts, and 2500 watts, so a proper socket is required. If you add a high-power cabinet, you must choose a professional socket.

5. Solar water heaters distribute water and wiring in advance

Before installing the solar water heater, the decoration company should be requested to distribute water and wiring in advance. According to the requirements of electrical safety, the household power cord must be prepared with three-core wires, and the installation position of the microcomputer controller should be reserved in the appropriate position of the residential bathroom. Orientation and arrangement of power circuits for water solenoid valves and connections to roof control circuits and plumbing. Users who live on the top floor are best to install a booster to ensure water output.

6. The TV should have enough cooling space

Flat-screen TVs are lightweight, thin, and can be wall mounted. However, the TV body generates a large amount of heat and requires high heat dissipation conditions. If there is not enough space for heat dissipation, it is easy to cause the TV to be damaged due to excessive temperature. Therefore, consumers must ask professionals to install it. In addition, the TV background wall must be equipped with a few more sockets in case of emergency.

7. Determine the size of the kitchen utensils in advance

The power switches and sockets of range hoods, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and other electrical appliances should be pre-designed. In addition to the built-in kitchen appliances, which should be purchased and measured in advance, the range hood should also be reserved in advance according to the size, otherwise, it may not be installed due to the wrong location.

The importance of home wiring is self-evident. I hope that the arrangement and precautions of these household appliances for you will be helpful to you so that you can be safe and convenient in the process of wiring.