TYPE SHD-CGC 5 KV Mining Cable Flexible Tinned Copper Wire

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TYPE SHD-CGC 5 kV Mining Cable Flexible Tinned Copper Conductor 2/0 AWG to 350MCM

Cable is used in underground long wall shearer systems where cables are required to be shielded in conjunction with an extensible center ground check. Also used where cables are required to be enclosed in a cable handler, such as long wall mining applications or pendant wheel reeling systems.


Conductors: Class I, tin coated, soft drawn, annealed, flexible rope-lay, stranded copper construction per ASTM B-33 and B-172

STRAND SHIELD: Extruded semi-conductive layer

CONDUCTOR INSULATION: Lead free, flame resistant, Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) per ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC-58

INSULATION SHIELDS: Extruded semi-conductive layer under a tinned, annealed, copper braid (60% minimum phase coverage), duplexed with a nylon denier textile phase color ID tracer (40% max phase cover).

Color Code: Black, White, Red

Ground WIRES: Class I, uninsulated tin coated, soft drawn, annealed, rope bunched, flexible lay strand construction copper per ASTM B-33 and B-172.

GROUND CHECK: #16 AWG tinned, annealed copper, rope bunched, flexible lay, extensible strand
construction, with 45 mils of polypropylene (PPE) per ASTM B-33, and B-172, ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC-58, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 96 Portable Power Cable Type SHD-GC and SHD-BGC.

CABLING: Three insulated and shielded conductors assembled in a helical configuration with three uninsulated ground wires laid in the interstices to create a balanced assembly. A #16 AWG extensible yellow insulated ground check placed in the center interstice of the cable with a woven nylon polyester binder served over the
entire cabled assembly for added core stability per ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC-58, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No 96 Portable Power Cable Type SHD-GC and SHD-BGC.

Inner Jacket: Extruded pure integral filled black MSHA approved flame resistant thermosetting Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) designed to lock cabled assembly in place to combat core movement and de-cabling in highly torsional applications.

JACKET REINFORCEMENT: A woven nylon polyester binder shall be served between the inner and outer jacket layers providing increased cable integrity. Also available with taped core.

OUTER Jacket: Mold cured, extra heavy-duty, thermosetting Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE).

JACKET PRINT: Permanent marking, MFG, Brand, AWG size, type, voltage, operation temp range.


meets or exceeds applicable requirements of ICEA Standard S-75-381/NEMA WC-58, ASTM B-172 and B-33


• Excellent resistance to oil, water, solvents, corrosives, sunlight, aging, cuts, tears and abrasions
• Excellent flexibility, safety and durability
• Free stripping insulation via non-conductive mylar tape separator
• Suitable for continuous submersion in shallow water
• Jacket will have permanent marking via embossed printed legend
• Center ground check designed for less stress related failures in flexing application


2/0 324 2.8 5 133 16 55.9 243
3/0 418 2.8 4 259 16 59.9 279
4/0 532 3.0 3 259 16 63.5 321
350 855 3.1 1 308 16 65.8 435

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