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Floor heating: indoor floors and outdoor floors, like residential buildings, offices,
factories, schools, hospitals, museums, sports ground. garage and warehouse
Snow melting: on gutter and roof, in traffic region, slopes
Pipe warming
Heating for baby animal husbandry
Soil heating
Snow melting on roads


Type: Twin conductor, two colomony hreads
Joint: Compression type terminal with insulation, waterproof
Insulation: XLPE insulation with aluminum foil shield


Maximum Temperature: 95degree
Minimum Insulation Temperature -40degree
Voltage: 110-120VAC,220-277VAC
Power: 18 ,19W/m
Maximum Resistance of Protective Braiding 18.2 Ohm/km


1. low cost of maintenance fee
2. save energy than traditional heating
3. durable_50 years lifespan
4 Chinese professional underfloor heating cable manufacturer

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