600V 3 cores Concentric Cable

Rated Voltage: 600/1000V

Conductor: Solid or stranded Al conductor

Insulation: XLPE, PVC, PE

color insulation:customized

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These requirements cover Type USE and USE-2 (below-ground) and Type SE (above-ground) power cable for installation in accordance with Article 338 and other applicable parts of the National Electrical Code (NEC). These cables are for the service-entrance and other (NEC) uses described in 1.4 1.8. In a multiple-conductor cable that is other than submersible-pump cable and does not have a grounding conductor it is appropriate to have one circuit conductor without insulation. It is also appropriate for a sumersible pump cable to have a grounding conductor and for Type USE and USE-2 cables to have an insulated grounding conductor. Each insulated conductor in these cables is rated for 600V. Type USE cable has thermose insulation, except for HDPE portion of HDPE-over-XLPE insulation where used for single-conductor Type USE cable. Type USE cable has thermoset or thermoplatic insulation.


Rated Voltage: 600/1000V

Conductor: Solid or stranded copper conductor

Insulation: XLPE, PVC, PE

Neutral conductor:   coverage 100% and non-100% coverage

External coverage: Weather resistant material, XLPE, PVC, PE


Structure: solid or roughly stranded (class 2) Al conductor, with PVC core insulation, extruded belt layer,concentric conductor, copper binding tape, black PVC covering.
Field of application: for internal space, in cable channels and free. In power stations, in industrial units and in control equipments, if any mechanical protection isn’t ordered. Ambient temperature: from -5°C till +50°C.


IECAS-94-649 CSA C68.3

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