All Aluminum Conductor AAC AAAC

Aluminum 1350-H19 wires

ASTM B 231 Standard

Aluminum Overhead Conductor

Concentrically Stranded

1/0AWG AAC Poppy 7/3.12mm

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Mainly for overhead transmission and primary and secondary distribution.


Aluminum 1350-H19 wires, concentrically stranded.

Overhead transmission bare conductor-Round wire concentric-lay overhead electrical stranded AAC conductor.


Conductor type :Max. cross-section 5000MCM/2500mm2

Max. stranded number 127Nos

Composition Final modulus of elasticity

M pa

Coefficient of linear expansion


7 60000 23.0Χ10-6
19 57000 23.0Χ10-6
37 57000 23.0Χ10-6
61 54000 23.0Χ10-6
91 52500 23.0Χ10-6
127 50000 23.0Χ10-6

We can produce according to our client’s need and also provide technical data.


ASTM B 231, BS EN-50182, CSA C 61089, AS/NZS 1531, DIN 48201, IEC 61089,GB/T 1179, JIS 3109


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